7 Simple and Practical Ways To Ignite Your World With Your Passion

To ignite your world with your passion, you've got to be strategic and serious about it. It'll demand your vigour and strength, time and energy. Why? It's not about your local community. It's about your world!

This article highlights 7 simple and practical ways to ignite your world with your passion. You'll be convinced you're on the path to ignite the world with your passion, when you're done reading this article.

Before we delve into the main point of the article, the question of what passion really is has to be answered. Knowledge is key to igniting your world. You’ll be tangled up in a knot if you don’t know what it is you want to ignite your world with - YOUR PASSION.

Let’s get started.

What is Passion?
Passion had been define in vast ways. Some call it a feeling. Others emotions. Some say it drives uncontrollably. But, what really is passion?

To understand what passion is exactly, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I love doing?

You must identify what you love. It’s what you do all the time, regularly. You learn about it passionately. It engrosses you. You’re obsessed with it.

It’s what everyone, from family to friends, and passersby know that you’re crazily enthusiastic about.

Passion is defined from what you love doing always. If you’re yet to love it, if it’s yet to take your time, you’re not yet passionate about it.

  • What keeps me up at night?

How much of your time does your passion take? If what you love doing is yet to keep you up burning candles and working off your butts, I really don’t think you’ve got a passion, you’ve got just a hobby.

Passion burns like fiery coals. A passion-driven person naturally wants to be better at every opportunity. Nights are not excluded.

You’ve really found your passion when you’re sleepless about it.

  • What do I care to share?

Your passion is what you want to share with others with great fervor. You uniquely care to share why times dedicated to your passion is worthwhile. You want to influence others with it.

Your passion is what you believe someone can learn from, and be better. Until your passion is something you love to relate with others, you’re yet to know if you truly had a passion.

Putting the answers to these three questions together, passion is what takes your time, days and nights, that you eagerly care to share, teach and influence lives with. That’s what passion really is.

Having understood the meaning of passion, let’s now see why passion is required to igniting your world.

Is Passion Really Required?
Without passion, success is reduced to a mere wish or dream far from reality. Every great writer, singer or actor out there got passion for what they do. The fuel that keeps every Tom, Dick and Harry up for success is passion.

Passion is what makes you continue when you’re not getting the results you desire. It’s what makes you believe you’ll hit success at last if you don’t quit quickly.

Passion is why Jon Morrow rose out of his deficiencies and inconveniences to become highly relevant in the blogosphere. It’s why Sodiq Yusuf still writes today. Passion makes you patient, persistent and positive.
To ignite your world, passion is ultimately required.

Having known what passion is, and why it’s highly required, let’s now proceed to the simple and practical ways to ignite your world with your passion.

The 7 Simple and Practical Ways to Ignite Your World With Your Passion

1. Find your passion
This seems pretty much easy, but not as you feel it is. You may think you’re passionate about something. But being honest with yourself, a thorough check within you, will expose the fact that you’ve just only liked something, but got no slightest passion for it.

Find what you love doing. It’s within your daily activities. It’s what you’re good at. It’s what people see and say you do well with. Not just that, it’s what you see for yourself as worth working on and developing. Until you move past liking something, to beginning to practice and aspiring to become great at it, only then have you found a passion.

Ask yourself,

Have I really been passionate about this, or I’ve only liked the feeling of this?

Your answer determines whether you have truly found your passion.

2. Follow your passion
Now that you’ve identified your passion. Next is to follow it. Some find it conflicting to follow thier passion with determination. At times, it’s the fear of what others think about them. Sometimes, it may be parental hindrances, relatives, friends and well-wishers' thought about their rare ideas which seemed unrealistic.

Calm down. Don’t let people live your life for you, rubbish your dreams and take away your pride, uniqueness and original aim for success. Respond with the same love and passion to people who cannot fathom why you’ve chosen to go the way you want to.

Tell them you’ve really considered and weighed both the pains and the gains, and in the end, you’ll be proud and they’ll be too, because you see success ahead.

3. Value your passion
One of the simple and practical ways to ignite your world with your passion is to value your passion. When you don’t have value for what you have chosen to do, it’s more like you’re not passionate about being successful with it.

You’ve got to add value to your art and present it to people with same worth. Be deliberate about this. It’s vital.

Even when people around you are not making you see the need to, you alone should hold onto what you see and believe. Stay strong on your values. Know the worth of what you do, measure it the more you advance with it.

4. Know your world

How do you know your world? Your world may not be the whole world. You know? For instance, if you’re a writer, and you’ve carved a niche, that niche is the world you want to ignite with your passion.

You may need to keep up working on yourself, passion, and vision before you exactly pinpoint who or what your world represents. Not everyone will buy your idea, subscribe to your opinions, value your values, or like your stories.

Your world is your audience, those you’ve won and convinced well enough to see the meaning to what you’re into, why you’re into it, and what they would gain when they dance to your tune. Your genuineness with this, will with time create trust, match you with those who are for you. From there, you begin to ignite your world with your passion.

5. Keep good company
You can’t rise above your influences. The company you keep matters to your progress, as well in all your endeavors. Creativity is enhanced when you’re encircled by good friends, associates and advisors.

Passion gets stronger when you rub minds with great folks and people who picture success in your future. If you’d ignite your world with your passion, you’ve got to keep good company.

Find people who will help navigate your sucess compass towards reality. Be far from people who take delight in shattering dreams by speaking down on your abilities. Surround yourself with people who will tell you you’ve failed, but that you should get up, and can keep up, because you’ll win eventually.

Don’t be in a hurry to meet these people. You may have just one person to begin with. Thank God for the internet, there are people who can serve as role models for you, even when you’ve not seen them physically. Check them out, read, learn, study them, see how they’ve plied the rough grounds, fallen and gotten up to stand for victory at last.

6. Work Smartly Hard
Hardwork is not a substitute for being smart. And that’s why you should work smartly hard. Smartness must complement hardwork. You must be strategic. You must be smart with information, observe quickly opportunities open to be utitlised.

The one who works hard and smart will efficiently achieve success, compared to one who works hard only. The stars of the globe, the icons of the world are people who have structured themselves to be able to discover possibilities in difficulties, opportunities in very ugly circumstances. That’s smartness.

Don’t just work. Be smart with work. That way, you’ll ignite your world with your passion.

7. Never Give Up
The last standing simple and practical way to ignite your world with your passion is to never ever give up. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so goes a common saying. Consistency is required to measure up your success and progress. Success is time-bound. It is not what happens overnight.

Not every of your attempts will come off with your hopes being met. Some will fail. Some will be truncated. Some will demand your finance when you yet don’t have. Never get discouraged by any of these, continue with what you have.

Tenaciously and zealously work on your passion, aspiring success like one who forsees an opportunity all the time! Never give up!

Sodiq Yusuf identifies the 3 P’s to success - Patience, Persistence, and Positivity. Incorporate these P’s into reality to ignite your world with your passion. You’ll never regret it, but in the end, will say, "I never gave up, that’s why I’m up here standing."

Final note

Take the challenge now to not trade your passion to embrace your fears. Discover your passion, follow and value it with vigour, pursue it with staunch diligence and commitment. And with it ignite your world.

All it takes to make this happen is all that this article has covered for you. You're on one of the greatest adventurous journey of a life-time, with these simple and practical ways to ignite your world with your passion.



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